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After the hard work of the last exams and after years of studying, the time has finally come to celebrate one of the most important milestones in your life: graduation. In the days leading up to the discussion, there are many thoughts, and this often makes it difficult to choose the ideal place to celebrate the big day.
Rome is full of venues that cater to every taste, you can find a refined candlelit location or if you prefer a rustic venue, like Profumo Spazio Sensoriale.
Let’s continue our journey on how to organise the perfect party and this time, let’s talk about the graduation party. In short, the big day is approaching and in addition to having to worry about the thesis, the presentation and the bureaucratic formalities, you need to organise a nice party to celebrate with friends and family this goal achieved with so many sacrifices. In the last period the pressure increases, so it is not really the case to increase the load with the organisation of the party.

Follow these simple steps and you will see that organising the perfect graduation party will be easier than you think.
The guests: To organise a graduation party you need to decide whether you want to celebrate with family and friends together or at two different times.
The location. In the case of the choice of location for the graduation party, the time of year must always be taken into account. In this case, it is not you who chooses the day of your graduation, what you can choose is whether to celebrate on the day of the discussion or postpone the celebrations to the following weekend (recommended choice).
Graduation party menu. Also in this case there are no precise rules on the type of menu for the graduation party, but only your taste and your personal preferences. You can choose between a rich served buffet, a lunch or dinner with three or five courses, ask the chef of the location where you have decided to celebrate your graduation party to advise you.

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