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The aperitif has always been a favourite moment for everyone, after long days of work or study, emptying the mind, meeting friends and drinking a cocktail or a glass of wine, becomes an almost symbolic act to end the day. Taking advantage of the beautiful summer days, Profumo spazio sensoriale is the ideal place to have an aperitif outdoors in the north of Rome, enjoying the freshness of nature and dishes that are not lacking in our kitchen, such as:

  • Pizza and focaccia, a classic of Italian food culture. It is the parachute in any aperitif, the certainty that at least you will not go home with an empty stomach.
  • Salads, from the classic, more Mediterranean salads, to revised salads with more unusual ingredients, to dishes such as couscous or spelt or barley salads, which give colour and a touch of exoticism to the aperitif, particularly summer aperitifs, which are moreover outdoor aperitifs.
  • Tartine, the must-have, the tartine is the mother of all finger foods. Quick and easy to prepare, it offers a huge range of variations.
  • Prepared with meat or fish, daughters of a more evolved aperitif, they are the element that has made the aperitif a valid alternative to dinner in the classic restaurant.
  • Dessert, yes, dessert, at a time when everything in the aperitif becomes finger, mini, finger food desserts also appear.


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