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At Profumo we try every moment to satisfied who come to visit us. We think about the care of the local and the comfort of the customers, considering the different opinions and tastes, consequently our menu reflects our goal through comfort food. Genuine and satisfying, other times caloric and tasty, comfort food are those dishes that delight the palate and comfort the spirit, that is a combination of food and emotions. Our plate have a Mediterranean and traditional component that takes the customer on a journey into the past, while maintaining the originality that has characterized Profumo. 

There are several reasons why people seek comfort through food, it can be triggered by stress, nostalgia or a momentary emotional upset. The preference of a dish is often based on the knowledge one has about it, and on the association to pleasant memories generally those of childhood; the more life is complicated, the more consumers tend to look for escapes by taking refuge in the past or in times when everything seemed simple, in short comfort food is like the preferred place where to hide. 

The definition of comfort food appeared for the first time in the United States in 1977 as a dictionary lemma, to indicate that bite that infuses in whoever eats it a nostalgic feeling, a warmth that fills the heart, a particular emotion, often linked to childhood memories that are able to cradle and make the individual feel in total harmony with the universe.


donna con vestito bianco siede vicino a un picnic con frutta, torte e salumi
torta di formaggio con caramello e zucca