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Choosing the location where you will celebrate your union is one of the priority aspects of wedding planning, to which you need to devote all your attention.

The place where the reception will take place, will influence numerous other details, from decoration to the menu, even your own look.

Surely, just like the dreams in the drawer, you have in mind a wish place, where you have always placed your wedding when it was still a dream, however, you must take into account some basic details including.

The Budget, it is necessary to define the budget available, the size of the location, in today’s decisive factor, since you have discarded the locations that are out of your budget, proceed to evaluate the size and capacity, the Location, the location of the reception for your wedding should not be too far from the ceremony, in case of a civil ceremony is advisable that the location of the reception and ceremony is the same.

Does the culinary offer meet your needs?

After evaluating aesthetic and logistical aspects, we must focus on the dishes that will be served, in case the location offers the restaurant service, you must make sure that the culinary proposals meet your desires. If you want to celebrate your wedding in Rome there is one place in particular that will adapt to all your needs.

Profumo counts with a garden of 10,000 square meters, surrounded by greenery that gives the feeling of being inside a fairy tale.

Our location offers you a romantic and delicate environment where to hold your wedding in Rome, we count with a staff that will take care of all your needs, from service to decoration.

Garden with canddles and white couch
Garden with canddles and white couch