The term Gourmet is a gastronomic concept that refers to the culinary arts, high cooking and the culture of good food. Actually the term “Gourmet” has been developed so that its meaning is no longer so limited, adapting to generically include products and creations of the highest quality and detail, as well as the person who is able to differentiate the pleasures of good food.

Actually the gourmet is becoming a sophisticated lifestyle that founds the artistic interests of gastronomy and culture of high cooking. It is clearly a lifestyle whose main role is played by gourmet products and, of course, people who love good food. Gourmet foods are those preparations which have been made with quality ingredients optimally selected according to their delicacy, following an exhaustive hygienic care and the organoleptic properties of each ingredient.

Until a recipe reaches the necessary qualification to be considered gourmet,it needs to meet certain requirements which are initially approved by a professional food tester who uses professional expertise to determine if the plate can be considered gourmet or not, gourmet plates are characterized by their aspect, preparation and product pricing.


Which products are considered gourmet today?


These products are not the most exclusive or expensive on the market, but they are derived from a carefully maintained collection and preparation, no matter their cost. Handmade products are also part of the gourmet products, since most of them have been made with the utmost care, by people who really love gastronomy and the work they do, and therefore offer products of full quality.