Baptism at a Profumo restaurant in Rome

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Baptism is the ceremony for excellence, let’s say it is the first ceremony with which one comes into contact with society. Children are usually baptized at a few months of life even if they are spreading the combined ceremonies, baptism and communion or baptisms with already large children. During this ceremony we take the first sacrament and in addition to the importance of knowing how to choose the right church that suits us we must also choose the right location. To consider when we are choosing our location there are several factors, among there are: 

 When will the baptism be held: in a warm season or in winter, at a time close to lunch or dinner or, for example, in the afternoon (a time that lends itself to a nice snack)

  • How many people will be invited: organizing a party for a few intimates or for dozens of friends and relatives is not the same thing both from the logistical point of view and in terms of budget.
  • What guests will you have: will there be a lot of seniors, who need seating? You’ll have a lot of children, who are not easy to keep quiet at the table for a long time.
  • The budget you have available: not indifferent element, since the costs of a reception for the baptism (as well as for other ceremonies) vary greatly depending on the choices and can also be very high.

 Another factor to consider is definitely the photo shoot. Choosing a beautiful location with a particular aesthetic will allow the christening photographer to make incredible christening shoots.

blue and white decoration for baptism with balloons and little hourses