Aperitif from Profumo Restaurant Rome, Italy

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In this article we don’t want to talk about the usual aperitifs composed by chips and peanuts, rather we want to exalt those aperitifs composed of haute high cooking combined with the most sophisticated locations in the capital.

With the reopening of the locals, even in the evening, the aperitif in Rome is back to being the most anticipated appointment of the day for many people.

After the long working days, the daily runs, the problems, the pandemic, you arrive at the end of the day with the desire to enjoy a few hours in peace together with friends…

And to clear your mind and start enjoying the nice weather there is nothing better than aperitif outdoors, for this reason I want to talk about a place in particular, Profumo Spazio Sensoriale. 

Over the years Profumo has become a point of reference for many people, this place includes an outdoor space of 10,000 smq pertaining to the park of Veio,a menu full of haute cuisine dishes that allows you to have an aperitif or rather a dinner or lunch. In addition to eating, Profumo offers an innovative cocktail list, full of new flavors and suitable for any palate.

The strength of this location definitely it’s the great garden, in the night it colored with a magical and romantic atmosphere with soft light games and  the candles and flowers that decorate this place accompanied by lounge music. What makes innovative Profumo is  the combination of design, menu, cocktails, room scenting and floral arrangements, in few words Profumo is a place for lovers of aperitif.

aperitif with pizza and cocktails
aperitif with pizza and cocktails